Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pair O' Ducks

We are nearing the end of our training here in Colorado. It has been an intense time of discovery and growth for all of us as a family. One of the beautiful things of our time here is how intentional is the approach to Madison and the rest of the children; there is a real appreciation for what she is going through and will continue to experience. We thought it might be nice to have Madison share some things that she is thinking about and processing. Those of you who know Madison well will not be surprised that she decided to express herself in poetry. By way of background knowledge, we have been talking about paradox, specifically the paradoxical emotions and feelings that we experience in our preparation for leaving and that we will continue to experience in Kenya. It is okay and normal to feel seemingly conflicting emotions at the same time. For the kids, we talk about paradox as a pair o’ ducks – a “yay duck” and a “yuck duck”. The “yuck duck” is the negative emotions, feelings and things that we feel or that happen from day to day. The “yay duck” is the good. The poem below beautifully expresses this from Madison’s perspective.

This is a poem explaining what I have been going through as we are getting closer to moving to Kenya.


They say feelings are ok
And I know that.
I still feel them.
Moving is the perfect paradox
Paradox is the good and the bad
The yays and the yucks
The ducks swim together
And then there are questions.
Why me?
Who am I to go?
I know I sound like I’m talking in
But this is how I feel
I feel it.
All of it.

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