Sunday, October 2, 2016

Reminders we live in Kenya

You haven’t heard from us in a while so we wanted to remind you that we are still in Kenya. Here are some random reminders to us over the last year that we still live and work in Kenya.

We are surrounded by beautiful landscape with a short walk to other stunning views. 

Driving is an adventure, and usually more of a misadventure. Every few minutes we come across something that we would have talked about for the week if we saw driving like that in the States. And coming from Rhode Island that says a lot.

But the driving is worth it. Going in different directions, we are a few hours from the rainforest, the savannah, canyons, lakes, and so much beauty. 

Overlooking the Kerio Valley Escarpment
Kakamega Rainforest

Overlooking Kakamega Rainforest

Inside Hell's Gate National Park

Overlooking Lake Nakuru
Along the drive from Nairobi to Tenwek, the Escarpment

Andrea and Madison with Kofi Annan, one of two white rhinos protected at the Mara Conservancy. Born in 2008, Kofi was named after Secretary General Annan after he negotiated a peaceful resolution to the 2007 Kenyan election
Sunset at the Mara

Everything takes us longer to do.

Improvisation around power outages

Food. Homemade actually means made at home from scratch. Bread, Pizza, Cheese. Yes, Andrea makes cheese. 

Andrea found this 1960's book at language school - The Missionary Wife and Her Work

To make such great food, why go to grocery stores when food grows on trees? 
Attempts at getting avocados

Bob slayed a Black Mamba on the neighbor’s porch…with a machete.

(no picture so the story can get better each time it is told)

The weather is wonderful. The big question is whether or not it will rain. 

Fifteen minutes after arriving to Crescent Island, a downpour left us seeking shelter.

There are animals in the trees. Madison or a monkey? Can never really tell the difference. 

More than anything, we have the privilege of working alongside an incredible group of people 
Andrea teaching at the Basic Surgical Skills Conference held at Tenwek

We are reminded that we get to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Bob visited Blasto, one of our recent graduates from the surgical residency program. Blasto is doing great and the mission hospital he is working at is benefiting tremendously from a consistent surgical presence.

A dedication of new surgical instruments at Litein Mission Hospital for Dr. Phillip Blasto Ooko

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  1. Continued prayers for your family. Blessings on your work for the Lord.