Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Beginnings and Endings

January is a very busy but exciting time in the Tenwek Hospital Surgical Residency Program. It marks the end of one academic year and the beginning of another. Graduation celebrates the chief residents who have spent the last five years of life invested in training to be the best surgeons they can become. In welcoming new first year residents, we celebrate those who are embarking on an incredibly challenging journey of surgical education and spiritual discipleship. And the White Coat Ceremony celebrates what it means to be a Christ-honoring physician and surgeon for those residents who have completed another year of surgery and are moving on to the next year. And in all of these events, we celebrate what God is doing through at Tenwek to provide surgical care for the people of Kenya. As we look to returning for some time to the United States to do further support raising in order to return as career missionaries, it is wonderful to look back on and reflect upon this past year.

General and Orthopedic Surgery Residents and Faculty 


This year, we had the privilege of graduating four surgeons, men and women who are technically-gifted, superb clinicians, and who, most of all, are followers of Jesus Christ, committed to sharing the love of the Gospel with their patients and those around them. Each also has a vision for ongoing training and education of others, whether through training residents or interns or medical students.
They are going to a variety of places and practices within Kenya, and we are excited to see how God uses them. Dr. Seno Saruni will be working at St. Luke’s Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya, providing general surgery and orthopedic care. He will be working with the surgical residency program there to improve education. Additionally, his wife Betty, will be pursuing training in internal medicine. Dr. John Kanyi will join one of our PAACS graduates from last year at AIC Litein Mission Hospital. A second PAACS surgeon will allow the ongoing growth and quality of the surgical program there. Tenwek is honored to welcome Drs. Mike and Liz Mwachiro to our own team as general surgical faculty. Mike graduated from a 2-year endoscopy fellowship at Tenwek Hospital prior to his training in general surgery. He continues to have a passion for surgical endoscopy and research and will work in both endoscopy as well as the general surgery, teaching, training, and doing clinical work. He will also continue to be involved extensively in advancing research projects. Liz is an excellent clinician and educator, and we are excited for her work in the general surgery department. As we are able to grow the faculty within our department, we anticipate being able to increase and improve surgical training.

Graduating Chief Residents: Seno Saruni, John Kanyi, Mike Mwachiro, Liz Mwachiro
Prayer for Our Graduates

White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is a chance to honor those residents who are new to the program as well as those who are moving on to the next year. This year, we welcomed four new first year residents, two to our general surgery residency program, Drs. Nereah Aruwa and Sam Odongo, and two to our orthopedics program, Drs. Silas Ndege and Joyce Lunar. Between the general surgery and orthopedics residency programs, we now have 17 residents in various years of training. In addition to these residents, our colleagues in the family medicine residency participated in the White Coat Ceremony with us.

Current General Surgery Residents

The White Coat Ceremony was a moving time. It is humbling to reflect on the significance of the white coat, what it means to physicians collectively, what it means to patients, and specifically, what it means for us as Christian physicians to wear this symbol of healing.
Each resident was presented with a new white coat and a gift of a textbook relevant to his or her year. In addition, the faculty surgeon who presented these gifts shared a Bible verse and a brief message with the resident to encourage him or her in this upcoming year.

White Coat Ceremony

It continues to be an honor and a privilege to train these young Christian doctors to be excellent surgeons and educators whose lives and work reflect Christ’s love and sacrifice. And we remain grateful to God for all that he is doing at Tenwek Hospital and throughout Africa.